The left image consists of a group of female students in a cooking class. The middle image consists of 4 students in white uniform smiling at the camera. The right image consists of a group of students in uniform and a female teacher holding a sign that reads We Are One.

Catholic School Parent Councils

The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) is an inclusive learning community, rooted in the love of Christ, that unites home, parish and school. We believe in the development of each child's spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and emotional well-being, by making use of the various resources of the community of which they are a part of.

Catholic School Parent Councils (CSPC) can be the vehicle for empowering the school community to actively acknowledge its resources and utilize them in support of student learning.

The following information will assist school communities in understanding, operating and maintaining Catholic schools councils in TCDSB:

Government of Ontario


CSPC Elections


Parent Engagement Grants

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