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The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) is committed to eliminating unnecessary barriers in the mathematics learning process. We are dedicated to a learning approach where students have access to high-level, equitable and inclusive instruction that works for all students so they can succeed in learning math.

Math Achievement Action Plan

The TCDSB Math Achievement Action Plan is designed to support improvement and growth in math by honoring aligned curriculum and high impact teaching practices, ongoing professional learning, and responsive pedagogy through equitable assessment. These focused priorities remain at the heart of student achievement and visible centrally at the TCDSB, at your child’s school, and inside the classroom.

The Math Achievement Action Plan can be accessed below:

Cover page of the Math Achievement Action Plan document

Parent Resources

We invite all parents to explore the resources below that provide access to free tutoring, virtual manipulatives (password-free), and supplemental resources that enhance the learning experience and build upon classroom instruction.

Online Mathematics Resources to Support Learning at Home

The following digital resources provide students and their families with resources, activities and more to enrich math learning at home.

Government of Ontario logo

Ontario Ministry of Education | Learn at Home (K-12)

Learn how to help your child better understand math, apply it to life at home and inspire a love of learning.

Access Learn at Home | Ontario Ministry of Education.

High-Impact Instructional Practices

High Impact Instructional Practices

Instructional practices that researchers have consistently shown to have a high impact on teaching and learning mathematics in the elementary and secondary classrooms.

Access High-Impact Instructional Practices in Mathematics.

EQAO logo

Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO)

CEMC logo

CEMC Courseware

The CEMC courseware materials feature free lessons, interactive activities, enrichment challenges, and unlimited opportunity for practice with feedback. Start learning from a world-class group of educators today!

Access CEMC courseware materials.

TVO Learn logo

TVO Learn (K-12)

Parents and caregivers can use TVO Learn's straightforward, trustworthy, engaging and free resources to support children’s learning or as a supplement to existing learning at school, online, or at home.

Access TVO Learn.

TVO Learn mPower logo

TVO Learn mPower (K-6)

TVO Learn mPower focuses on some of the tougher-to-learn math concepts, helping students build confidence and master the skills they’ll need to succeed. Free to all Ontario educators, students, and families.

Access TVO Learn mPower.

CLEARMath Mathia Adventure icon

MATHia Adventure

Research-proven games where kids explore curriculum-aligned math concepts in unexpected ways.

Knowledgehook logo in light blue over white background


Access the "Question Help" feature when solving Knowledgehook math questions.

Free Online Math Tutoring and Supports

The following digital resources provide students and their families with free math tutoring and other supports to help students in math learning.

TVO Learn Mathify logo

TVO Mathify (4-12)

Parents and caregivers can use TVO Learn Mathify to connect their children with live OCT-certified math tutors online, providing one-on-one help, personalized learning, and access to interactive tools and resources for additional practice and support.

Access TVO Mathify.

Desmos Graphing Calculator logo

DESMOS Graphing Calculator

Desmos offers the opportunity, encouragement, and tools to have students discover their inner mathematician through a suite of free math tools, including a graphing calculator.

Access DESMOS Graphing Calculator.

Class Playground logo

Class Playground (K-4)

Class Playground is a resource for teachers, future teachers, parents, or anyone else interested in exploring how to integrate educational technology with primary education.

Access Class Playground.

Mathies logo

Mathies Learning Tools (K-12)

The mathies.ca website houses Ontario Ministry of Education developed resources to support mathematics learning from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Access Mathies Learning Tools.

Mathigon Polypad logo

Mathigon Polypad

Free online program that offers tools, activities and manipulatives to make online learning interactive and engaging.

Access Mathigon Polypad.